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Nicole Richie Bursting out of Her Bust!

Rumours have been flying around tinsel town that reality TV star Nicole Richie has had her womanly assets enhanced thanks to some plastic surgery. Richie, who has been trying to put on some weight after her stick thin figure sparked off reports of an eating disorder, turned heads at the American Music Awards recently.

However, it wasn't so much a fuller figure, but her seemingly bigger breasts that were getting all the attention. A source revealed to the National Enquirer that singer Lionel Richie's petite daughter had gone under the knife, and that the effects had been "amazing". The source also added that Richie's new and improved boobs had also lifted her morale, and that she was now more confident that ever before.

"Nicole has worked hard to put on some weight, but she also got breast implants from a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon about six weeks ago. The effect has been amazing. She looks great and feels great. And her new boobs have given her more confidence than she's ever had before," The Bosh quoted the source, as telling the publication.

A plastic surgeon looked at Nicole's pictures also believed that the star had had her breasts surgically enhanced. "Nicole has gained a little weight, five pounds at the most - but her breasts have increased from AA to B, which is out of proportion to her relatively small weight gain," the surgeon told the Enquirer.

does anyone know when this was?
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